#ThrowbackThursday: Have a look at the last 3 years in Made in Yorkshire Exhibitions

#ThrowbackThursday: Have a look at the last 3 years in Made in Yorkshire Exhibitions

12th February 2020
In 2017, we had 800 guests attend the Made in Yorkshire Expo, and now in 2020, we’re looking at a record number of over 1,000 guests in attendance, which is a 25% increase. Today, we look back at the past 3 years to explore what’s made more people come every year and to see what you can expect this year.

The Made in Yorkshire Expo is the biggest event of the year for us, with over 1,000 delegates attending, an expected 100+ exhibitors, plus a year's worth of work behind the scenes. This day-long event has become a staple in the calendars of Yorkshire manufacturers.

Since 2017, we've had videographers filming each event, to showcase to the wider-community the incredible buzz, discussions and community networking that occurs at these events.

But what makes a growing number of manufacturers join the group, and what makes, even more, attend the Expo every year? In these three videos, you'll hear from a diverse range of Yorkshire manufacturers on what the Expo brings both them and their company.







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