Come and speak at the Exhibition Seminars

Come and speak at the Exhibition Seminars

29th January 2020

The Made in Group prides itself on sharing the best practices of manufacturers around the country, and today we’re excited to announce a call for speakers, to share their knowledge, at the 2020 Exhibitions


This exciting opportunity to speak is open to both members, and non-members with the Made in Yorkshire Exhibition (May 21st 2020) having six slots available, while the Made in the Midlands Exhibition (July 1st 2020), will have eight slots available.


The seminars will take place between 9:30 am, and 3:00 pm at each exhibition and will be designed to transfer your unique knowledge on a range of manufacturing-related subjects to the thousand plus Manufacturing delegates and exhibitors at both exhibitions.


With your specialist knowledge and our support, you’ll have 25 minutes to share your experience with those attending so that those listening can apply it to their own business and line of work within the manufacturing sector.


So, what are the themes we’re looking to cover at the exhibitions? 



Whether it’s your first time speaking to a crowd, or not, speaking at a conference can be exciting and a little scary. But, be reassured that from deciding what you would like to present at the exhibition, to generating the supporting content, and presenting on the day, the Made in Group Digital Content Team will be there throughout the process to support you.


But what makes a good seminar speech? Well, this question can be challenging to answer because you need to get specific in your idea. It’s not enough to say you’re passionate about Apprenticeships or Digital Transformations - you’ll need to go deeper than that. What is it about Apprenticeships or Digital Transformations that you’re passionate about, what is the unique angel that your company could showcase? 


The other question you must consider when thinking about your subject of choice is where you will rely on your experiences to influence the content of your session? What opinions, experiences, lessons learned, or advice do you have to share about your topic that is both unique and, for those listening will be inspirational? This is truly what will make sure that your session will help others who attend.


So, what next? If you’re interested in speaking at one of the exhibitions, then email who will be able to provide you with more details.


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